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LASIK Step-by-Step

A Step By Step Look at LASIK
at The Nielsen Eye Center

LASIK Eye Surgery ProcessStep 1: Personalizing the Procedure

The first step in the LASIK process is to assess the individual characteristics of your eyes by using WaveScan technology. The WaveScan system is able to create a 3-D map of your eye, including any irregularities or imperfections. Our doctors are then able to utilize this information to create a treatment that is custom made, just for your eyes!

Step 2: Creating the LASIK Flap

After your treatment has been customized, anesthetic drops are applied to your eyes. A flap is then created using the Intralase Laser, a completely blade-free corneal method. This method also delivers outstanding visual results: more patients achieve 20/20 or better vision when Intralase is used.

Steps 3 & 4: Correcting Your Vision

With both your customized treatment plan and your corneal flap completed, our doctors are now ready to correct your vision – and change your life! The flap is gently lifted, revealing the inner corneal tissue. This tissue is reshaped to mimic the vision correction you have been receiving from your contact lenses or glasses prescription. This procedure is very brief, usually lasting less than 10 minutes.

Step 5: Completing the Surgery

Once the corneal tissue has been reshaped, the flap is closed and realigned to its original position. No stitches are required, as the natural suction seals the flap securely and permanently.

Step 6: Your Vision Has Been Corrected

With the corneal flap closed, your treatment is complete. For most patients, the world looks clearer than ever before!

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Experience You Can Trust

Our LASIK results are proven. Dr. Steven A. Nielsen and Dr. Helen R. Moreira have expertly mastered the latest laser technology with skills that are second to none. The surgery is performed at the Quincy Laser Eye Center, which is conveniently located directly across the hall from The Nielsen Eye Center. This state-of-the-art facility provides both the comfort and quality of care you deserve.

USAF LASIK Testimonial for Nielsen Eye Center

World-Class Advanced Technology

Dr. Nielsen Performing an eye examYour LASIK surgery is performed at the Quincy Laser Eye Center, located next door to The Nielsen Eye Center. This state-of-the-art facility and equipment provide the comfort and quality of care you deserve.  All of the follow-up appointments pertaining to LASIK will be done at The Nielsen Eye Center, and are included in the cost of the surgery.

Recovery and Healing Time

Some patients may feel slight irritation (a sandy feeling in the eye) for a few hours, but most are quite comfortable after a nap and rest. Most patients are free to resume their normal activities the next day. Although healing time varies from person to person, most patients are seeing better than 20/40 the next day, and the vision continues to improve as the cornea heals.