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Crystalens, a single-focus lens, is a cataract replacement lens that works naturally with your eyes’ muscles to give you the quality of vision you enjoyed when you were younger. The revolutionary design element that makes Crystalens the state-of-the-art replacement lens are “hinges” which are designed to allow the lens to move, or accommodate to focus on objects near, far and all distances in-between seamlessly. Unlike old-style fixed focal lenses, Crystalens’ revolutionary design includes “hinges”, which enable the lenses to move, thus focusing as the eye’s natural lens does. At The Nielsen Eye Center, Dr. Nielsen takes precise measurements of your eye to ensure the correct power selection.

Crystalens IOL Example The Crystalens lens was modeled after the human eye. Like a natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances. Unlike other multifocal lenses on the market which have three distinct zones, this lens is designed to allow the optic or the central part of the lens that you see through, to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you. Like your natural lens, this lens flexes as you focus your vision. Here are a few facts about the Crystalens:
  • Better contrast sensitivity
  • Distance is usually crisper
  • 88 percent of patients could see better at all distances
  • Because there is not as much of a range of focus as with the other lenses, there is a greater chance you will require reading glasses
  • This lens gives the clearest distance vision
  • No other replacement lens comes closer to mirroring the natural focusing ability of the eye.

The Crystalens FDA one-year clinical study results indicate that 92% of the people enrolled in the study (implanted bilaterally) could see 20/25 or better at distance, 96% could see 20/20 at arm’s length and 73% could see 20/25 at near without glasses or contact lenses.

What is more exciting is that 98% of these people could pass their drivers test, 100% could see their computer or put on their makeup, and 98% could read a magazine, all without glasses or contact lenses. Also, your ability to see at approximately arm’s length (middle vision) will be greatly enhanced with the Crystalens.

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