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If you are experiencing cataracts or have presbyopia the ReZoom ™ Multifocal Intraocular Lens is a great option. This lens is designed for very flexible and multifunctional vision. ReZoom™ intraocular lens is a second-generation refractive multifocal IOL that provides cataract patients with greater independence from glasses than monofocal IOLs. The ReZoom™ proprietary multifocal design provides a range of vision that monofocals cannot match.

The ReZoom™ Balanced View Optics™ technology distributes light over five optic zones so that each lens has a distance-dominant central zone for distance vision in bright light conditions when the pupil is constricted.

If you have been told by your eye doctor that you have cataracts and are experiencing one or more of the following vision problems, you may be a candidate for the ReZoom ™ Multifocal lens:

  • If you have trouble reading and may require bifocals.
  • If your vision is getting increasingly blurred

The Visual Freedom Benefit of ReZoom™

In a clinical study, 92 percent of ReZoom™ IOL patients reported never or only occasionally having to wear glasses.

ReZoom IOL Patient Testimonial

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