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Tecnis multifocal IOL ExampleAn intraocular lens that provides patients with multiple focal points, correcting vision at a range of distances – near, intermediate and distance. The TECNIS® Multifocal Lens is an improvement over traditional IOLs used to help restore vision after cataract surgery. This lens uses three complementary technologies (reducing spherical aberration, diffraction and refraction) to restore a full range of vision following cataract surgery to especially help in providing sharper vision in low-light conditions. This lens has “zones” which the brain learns to “look” through to provide sight at different ranges.

  • 93% of patients in a clinical trial had 20/25 or better distance vision and 20/32 or better near vision
  • Distance vision might not be a crisp as the Crystalens, but overall vision is better
  • Better vision in low-light conditions
  • Intermediate vision is still good, but not as crisp as the Rezoom lens
  • This lens gives the best near vision

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