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300 Congress Street Suite 201
Quincy, MA 02169-0907

5 stars 5
The Weymouth location is wonderful. All of the people I met there were friendly and extremely helpful, even when dealing with stressed patients and confusing insurance rules. I was blown away by how helpful they were in finding the answers to every question I had where other practices have told me I have to figure these things out myself. This location doesnt have eyeglasses but they all made great recommendations for other places I could get them if I didnt want to go to the Norwood location. They even emailed me a copy of my prescription! I could not have had a better experience with this group.

5 stars 5
Love Dr. Nielsen and staff. Everyone so friendly and pleasant. And if miracles can be performed, Dr Nielsen performed one on me. Going from blind as a bat to seeing clearly was a life changer for me. Forever grateful.

5 stars 5
I love Dr. Moreira! She performed Lasik on me in 2018 and I have been so happy with the results. She has become my new eye care professional!

5 stars 5
Dr. Ng is great; she is fun, open, and caring and has a way about her that creates trust. I would 100% recommend her.
5 stars 5
Office and billing staff very helpful and attentive.