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300 Congress Street Suite 201
Quincy, MA 02169-0907

5 stars 5
just went to See Dr Moreira for the first time last week. Had a full eye exam and was thoroughly impressed with her skills, the staff, and the nice office. Will go back next year!

5 stars 5
I had PRK a type of Lasik with Dr. Moreira and it changed my life. As an active person who enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, softball, hiking running swimming contacts and glassed hindered my life immensely in hindsight considering my vision is 20/15 and I know without a doubt that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's changed my life indefinitely.

5 stars 5
I had LASIK eye surgery less than 24hrs ago and am feeling great! I really didn't know why to expect (everyone tells you it's a breeze but I'm such a baby) and the team over there were great. I would highly recommend Dr. Nielsen to anyone considering LASIK, I couldn't stand being a prisoner to glasses and contacts as I am very active. I'm really looking forward to being at the beach this summer and not worrying about contacts drying out! <br>The whole surgery took probably about 10 minutes and they have a 'relaxation' room pre surgery for you and your pal Xanax to chill in. So you go in pretty relaxed and they talk to you the whole time telling you what to expect. Like I said I am such a baby and was very nervous and his staff were patient and kind. Post surgery, you go home again with your pal Xanax and nap (for me I was more like dead to the world lol something like 15hrs but who's counting) and when you wake up you'll instinctively go to put on glasses but don't need them! <br>I can't thank them enough for being so great. All I can say to those considering is GO, don't wait another day. Dr. Nielsen and team won't disappoint!

5 stars 5
I have been wearing glasses for about 7 years and have never really felt that my prescription was right.I met with Dr. Moreira and she answered all of my questions and spent extra time getting to the bottom of my concerns. The new prescription is great and I think I have found a place that has good staff, a nice location and cares about my eyes.Thank you.

5 stars 5
Fantastic ophthalmology practice. They treated me with respect and care. They answered all of my questions and more. I appreciated the time Dr. Nielsen spent with me. Highly recommend!