Surgical & Non-Surgical Cataract Treatments

As Dr. Lily Ng explained in our previous blog post, cataracts can impair your vision in a variety of ways. However, not every patient with cataracts requires surgery initially. Since cataracts develop and worsen over time, our eye doctors at the Nielsen Eye Center may recommend a non-surgical approach to resolving early cataract issues, such as stronger reading glasses or distance vision lenses.

When the symptoms of cataracts become too severe to correct through non-surgical means, cataract surgery can be an effective option for improving your vision. In addition to being the most common surgical procedure in the country, recent technological innovations now allow cataract surgery to be performed without the use of a blade. All-laser cataract surgery can be executed with a higher degree of precision compared to traditional methods.

Both traditional and all-laser cataract surgery replace the clouded natural lens with an Intraocular Lens (IOL) that not only eliminates the cataract but can often correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness. Ninety-eight percent of cataract surgery patients experience significant improvement in their eyesight after the procedure, though glasses may still be needed for activities such as reading.

Dr. Helen Moreira

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