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Allergies and Your Eyes

allergies example

With the arrival of the warm summer months comes the arrival of beautiful summer blooms, lush green grasses, and uncomfortable allergies. Take charge of your summer once again by learning how allergies affect your eyes, and how you can best treat your symptoms and gain relief. Symptoms Although allergies can be isolated in the eyes […]

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Why Vision Research Matters

beach chairs looking toward the ocean

Ah, summer!  Watermelon is in season, ice cream becomes its own food group, and the sun shines high and proud!   We spend our days soaking up its rays, happy to trade in our sweaters for swimwear.  However, those rays we have longed for all winter can quickly become our nemesis if we take its […]

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Your Eyes and Athletics: Tips for Protecting Your Vision

Girl playing field hockey

With summer in full swing, a pick up game of baseball or volleyball can be found in cities and towns across the country. Sports enable us to maintain good fitness, develop new skills, relieve stress, and actively participate in our communities. However, as it is with anything, there is a downside to participating in athletics. […]

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Diabetic Retinopathy: Risk Factors and Treatment Options

diabetic retinopathy risk factors

By understanding more about their condition, patients with diabetic retinopathy can receive the ideal treatment and ensure treatment in a time-frame that can mitigate the worst of the condition’s symptoms. Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy. In this latest post, we will provide valuable insight on the risk factors, symptoms, and […]

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Reducing the Risk of Computer Vision Syndrome in Children

Baby on a computer

In today’s digital age, computer use is prevalent among children. Whether at school, at home or somewhere on-the-go, kids are staring at a screen or hand-held device of sorts for extended periods of time each and every day. As a result, a child’s eyes are forced to focus and strain more than normal. Because their […]

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How is Diabetic Retinopathy Treated and Can it be Prevented?

man receiving an eye exam

In our last blog post, we explained some of the causes of diabetic retinopathy and talked about the importance of regular eye exams in order to detect signs of the condition at its earliest stages. Today, we will discuss whether this diabetic eye disease can be prevented and the treatment options available that can reduce […]

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