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Is Dry Eye Treatable?

Woman putting in eye drops

Many people suffer from chronic dry eye, a condition that can cause ongoing eye discomfort and progress over time. Not only is dry eye syndrome uncomfortable, but it can also increase your risk for infection and corneal scarring. Your eyes need proper moisture to stay healthy and to heal when the tissue is damaged. But […]

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Can I Get LASIK With Dry Eye?

Woman at a computer suffering from eye strain

If you have chronic dry eye, there may be extra considerations involved when deciding whether or not to pursue eye surgery. However, having dry eye shouldn’t prevent you from moving ahead with eye surgery, even an elective surgery like LASIK. In fact, screening and management for dry eye is a part of the pre-operative process […]

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Is It Dry Eye Or Allergies?

Man outside blowing his nose into a tissue

Most people have had itchy, watery eyes at some point in their lives. Oftentimes, the culprit is allergic conjunctivitis – this condition is characterized by eye inflammation that occurs as a reaction to allergens, such as pollen or mold spores. Allergic conjunctivitis is very common and can be especially prevalent in the springtime when there […]

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Laser Eye Surgery Diagram

Dr. Steven A. Nielsen of the Nielsen Eye Center explains the benefits of LASIK and PRK laser vision correction and highlights some of the differences between the two procedures. Boston, MA – Laser vision correction has helped many people reduce, and even eliminate, the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Designed to improve visual refractive […]

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