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Life After LASIK: 10 Things To Expect During LASIK Recoveryin Boston, MA


The ability to correct vision using an extremely powerful beam of light almost sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, after you’ve had your LASIK procedure done by an ophthalmologist at Nielsen Eye Center, it’ll seem like magic once your recovery is complete and your eyesight is nearly perfect. Life after LASIK becomes crystal clear — it’s a procedure many describe as life-changing.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery and want to know what to expect during recovery, these 10 points will help you to plan for your life after LASIK.

1. LASIK is an in-office procedure.

No going to the hospital for this procedure. An in-office surgical suite is furnished with all the necessary equipment. What you do need to bring is someone to drive you to and from the office and to get you home safe and comfortable. Don’t try to go this alone, or expect to call a taxi afterward. As with most eye operations, you may not have fully functioning eyesight after surgery. It’s best to prepare for this possibility in advance.

2. It’ll take far less time than you expect.

With LASIK at the Nielsen Eye Center, there are no knives, needles or “cutting” the way surgery is depicted on TV or in the movies. Numbing eye drops are all that’s necessary for LASIK, and afterwards you may have some blurred vision. Bilateral LASIK (operating on both eyes) only takes 10 minutes, although prep and recovery will require additional time.

3. You may notice immediate vision improvement.

Many patients say they can see a big difference after LASIK, even as they’re leaving the office.

4. There are minimal side effects though there will be some discomfort afterwards.

Depending on your eyes and sensitivity, you may experience mild burning, sensitivity to light, irritation, itchiness and/or a scratching sensation for 1-3 hours after the procedure. If you’ve ever worn contacts and gotten something underneath them, you’ll know the experience — not outright painful, but irritating. These are normal symptoms and are easily managed by a dose of Tylenol. Many patients take a nap afterwards and sleep through this time period.

5. Go easy for the first couple of days.

While many patients return to work the next day, it’s best to avoid strenuous activity (like exercise) for a week as this can traumatize the eye and affect healing.

6. Resume driving when you feel like it.

Don’t plan on driving the same day of LASIK surgery, but once your vision clears and any discomfort subsides, if you feel capable of driving and don’t have any vision problems, go ahead and get behind the wheel.

7. Showering, yes. Rubbing, no.

If you want to take a shower afterwards, that’s fine, but avoid getting water or soap in your eyes. In fact, you’ll want to be very cautious and not rub your eyes for the first month after LASIK. As with strenuous exercise, this can affect healing.

8. Plan on a series of scheduled check-ups.

Typically we’ll want to see you 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year after your LASIK procedure. If you have questions or concerns, ask them during your appointment or give us a call prior to meeting with your doctor.

9. Ditch the corrective lenses for your next driver’s test.

Your vision will likely be so clear that you won’t need glasses or contacts to get behind the wheel. Typically, five out of five LASIK patients can pass a driver’s test without corrective lenses. For a small percentage of patients, a thin pair of prescription lenses are helpful for night driving.

10. Enjoy your life without contacts or glasses.

No more foggy or rain-streaked glasses or worrying about removing, cleaning or changing your contact lenses. No more expensive prescription sunglasses. And no more frame around your face as a constant reminder I wear glasses because now, thanks to LASIK, you don’t.

Ready to change your life and get serious about LASIK? Contact us here at The Nielsen Eye Center to schedule a LASIK consultation at one of our Massachusetts offices today!

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