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3 Reasons You May Need Blepharoplastyin Boston, MA

Do you feel like every time you look in the mirror, you look older than you are? If you’re discouraged by drooping or sagging eyelids, it’s time to find a solution.

One of the side effects of aging is weaker muscles and skin. It can be subtle, but this process is what contributes to wrinkles, specifically sagging skin.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older and not having smooth skin, but sagging skin can be a nuisance in certain areas.

Sagging, droopy eyelids can also make it harder to see, especially if you’re using your peripheral vision. The good news is that a procedure called blepharoplasty may be able to help.

By undergoing a blepharoplasty, you can look more youthful, reduce wrinkles, and get rid of excess skin around your eyelids. A blepharoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure that makes you look and feel younger without the need for a facelift.

Are you wondering if a blepharoplasty could be right for you? Keep reading to learn about 3 reasons you may need to have a blepharoplasty!

1.   Get Rid of Sagging, Drooping Skin Around Your Eyelids

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Blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure that fixes saggy and drooping eyelids in about 30 minutes. No general anesthesia is required.

Instead, the Nielsen Eye Center surgeons will use a local anesthetic and medication to help patients relax. During the procedure, they will operate on your upper lids, lower lids, or both.

Our surgeons will determine before you have blepharoplasty if working on both your upper and lower eyelids are necessary. If you’re having both worked on, they’ll start with your upper eyelids first.

For the upper lids, the surgeon creates tiny incisions along the natural creases in the eyelid to minimize as much visible scarring as possible. They will then carefully remove or rearrange excess skin, fat, and muscle before closing the incision with stitches.

These stitches will dissolve on their own over time, meaning you won’t have to worry about coming back in to have them removed. After blepharoplasty is over, you’ll go over your aftercare instructions that you’ll need to follow during your recovery before you can go home.

Like any surgical procedure, there are possible risks. Make sure to go over these, as well as any questions or concerns you may have with our surgeon, before you decide to have a blepharoplasty.

But for most healthy adults, blepharoplasty is a safe procedure that has many benefits. One of those benefits can be improving your vision!

2.   To Improve Your Vision


If your upper eyelids are saggy, it can affect your peripheral vision. Blepharoplasty, specifically on the upper eyelids, can remove any of the extra skin that’s impeding your vision and vastly improve your ability to see.

Improving your ability to see is a reason to get blepharoplasty in itself, but it can also mean that your insurance will pay for part or all of the procedure. In some cases, if you need to have a blepharoplasty or a lid lift because of problems with your vision, it’s due to something called ptosis.


If you have ptosis, you may be able to have an eyelid surgery covered as what’s considered “functional” eyelid surgery. Having an eyelid procedure becomes functional if you have it performed to improve your visual function.

But even if you don’t need to have blepharoplasty to fix your vision, you can still undergo the procedure. If you just want to change the way you look, blepharoplasty can help change you for the better.

While insurance doesn’t cover exclusively cosmetic procedures, you may still find that it’s worth it to have your saggy upper eyelids treated, making you look and feel younger.

3.   To Regain Your Confidence

There’s nothing wrong with looking your age unless you don’t like how it looks. But if you don’t like your sagging skin, you shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious when there’s a way to treat it.

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In the end, how you look to others doesn’t matter compared to how you look and feel about yourself and your appearance. You should be happy with the way you look, and if blepharoplasty can help with that, there’s no reason not to consider having the procedure.

You can improve your appearance and your vision at the same time. Seeing better and feeling better about how you look can do wonders for your confidence.

Having more confidence means you can accomplish more things you want to in life without being held back by feeling self-conscious.

Ready to take the next step towards feeling and looking fabulous? Schedule an appointment at the Nielsen Eye Center in Boston, MA today!

Our Patient Advocates are patiently waiting by the phone, ready to answer your questions about blepharoplasty and why it’s a procedure that’s worth considering, so call us today at 617-471-5665, and love the skin that you’re in again!

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