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4 Reasons To Consider LASIK This Summer in Bostonin Boston, MA

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy beautiful weather and the many outdoor activities that come with it. It’s also a great time to get LASIK!

LASIK can give you your first summer ever without having to worry about contacts or glasses. If you’ve been considering LASIK in Boston  for a while, summer is the time to finally commit. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Time Off

Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation, even if it only means taking a few days off to spend at home. Having some time off makes LASIK much more convenient.

Some have also had work furloughed, or are working from home at this time, which is a unique opportunity to have LASIK and relax at home during recovery.

When you get LASIK, it’s a good idea to take a day or two off of work. During the summer, it’s a lot easier to take off a day here or there or even a week.

Then, once you go back to work, you can return with your new vision and the ability to see without glasses and contacts. Your co-workers will be beyond jealous!

2. Fun in the Sun

Sunglasses are the bane of any glasses-wearers existence. Either you need oversized prescription sunglasses, a pair of clip-ons, or transition lenses.

These options are either limited, expensive, or both! Contacts allow you to wear different kinds of sunglasses, but they can dry out your eyes.

During warm, sunny days, they can become uncomfortable and ruin an otherwise beautiful day. But once you have LASIK, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Feel free to wear whatever sunglasses you want (as long as they block out at least 99% of harmful UV rays) and enjoy the beautiful weather.

3. Sports Safety

Summer is a great time for sports, whether you play with some friends or on a team. The problem is that most sports have some safety hazards that need eye protection, especially swimming.

Eye protection, like swimming goggles, isn’t compatible with most other eyewear. But with LASIK, you can fit on any eye guard or goggles you need.

Be sure to take a couple of weeks after LASIK surgery to recover before you play any sports or get in a pool. Your eye doctor will let you know when it’s safe to get back to these activities if you have LASIK. After that, you can enjoy your summer sports to the fullest!

4. Be Ready for the Fall

If you have LASIK in the summer, your eyes will be almost totally healed by the time fall rolls around. That means that summertime is the perfect time to get LASIK if you’re in college.

This is true, especially for students or teachers. Think about how much better your fall semester will be if you can start classes with new, clear vision.

You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be when you don’t have to bother with contacts or glasses. Simple activities like late-night studying or grading papers is that much easier with the benefits that LASIK offers.

You also get to show off your new look to colleagues and friends. Even if you’re not a student or professor, having your best vision is great all year round. Being fully recovered before winter means you don’t have to worry about healing during allergy season either.

Think that LASIK could be right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at The Nielsen Eye Center in greater Boston, MA to find out for sure.

Contact The Nielsen Eye Center by calling 617-471-5665, where one of our Patient Advocates is standing by to talk to you about your vision correction options. Are you ready to take the plunge and find out if visual freedom could be waiting for you?

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