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4 Things to Look for in a Cataract Surgeonin Boston, MA

If you have been living with cataracts for a long time, you may have finally reached the point where you’re ready for cataract surgery. In cataract surgery, your eye doctor replaces the cloudy lens a with an intraocular lens (IOL).

Anytime you need to have surgery it can leave some people feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a very safe and common procedure. You can do a lot to put your mind at ease by making sure you choose the right cataract surgeon.

Here are four things you should look for in a cataract surgeon:

What kind of experience do they have?

One of the biggest things you should look for in a cataract surgeon is someone with experience. Cataract surgery is a delicate procedure so you want someone who you can trust to give you great results. It’s not uncommon for many eye doctors to have performed thousands of cataract surgeries. And remember, experience in the latest laser technologies is very important, too.

Do they have good reviews?

When you are considering a cataract surgeon, you should check out their reviews online to see what kind of experience other patients have had. This can be a good way to get insight into their practice and see what other patients thought.

You also may want to talk to friends and family members to find out if any of them know of a good cataract surgeon. Having the recommendation of someone you trust can help you feel more at ease. Our Patient Advocates may have a recent patient you can talk with as well.

Do they use the latest technology?

Cataract surgery has improved a lot over the years. When you are looking for a surgeon, you should look for someone who uses the latest technology. Nielsen Eye Center is proud to offer laser cataract surgery to all of our patients. The laser removes the need for your surgeon to use a scalpel and delivers more accurate results.  

Do they have good bedside manner?

When you are looking for a doctor, you should look for someone you like. Good bedside manner is important and you want to know you’ve chosen a surgeon who has your best interests in mind.

Are you interested in learning more about cataract surgery? Contact our office to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced eye surgeons. We have Patient Advocates standing by to assist you with the options available to you.

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