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4 Ways To Overcome Anxiety About LASIKin Boston, MA


If you’ve ever wanted to see without glasses or contacts, you’ve probably thought about getting LASIK eye surgery. For some, the idea of having a laser near their eye can make them nervous. LASIK is a safe and painless procedure. Still, you may be a bit nervous before getting LASIK Boston. Here are a few ways to stay calm before surgery.

Ask Your Doctor Questions

The scariest part of any surgery is not knowing what will happen during the procedure. The good news is, you can find out exactly how your doctor will perform LASIK by simply asking them to go over what the surgery entails. You can also ask what the risks are and how likely it is to experience complications. Being informed can really help ease your anxiety.

Make a Plan for Surgery Day

Arrange for a ride to and from surgery and be prepared to relax when you get home. After surgery, you might just want to lay down and listen to music or a podcast so you can rest your eyes for a while. From before LASIK to getting home after surgery, having an outline of your day can help you keep calm the day of your procedure.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Stay busy and find things to keep your mind distracted before you go in for surgery. You can listen to music on the ride to the surgery center or even have a nice chat about something completely unrelated to LASIK.

You can also practice relaxation techniques that help you focus on your breathing. Counting while breathing in and out can also keep your breath steady while keeping your mind occupied. You can look up tutorials online for the best relaxation and breathing techniques and find one that works for you. Whatever you can do to keep your mind off your worries will help you stay nice and calm before and even during surgery.

Prepare for Recovery

Prepare a small area in your house to relax and recover when you get home and pick out a comfortable, loose fitting outfit to wear to the surgery center. You can also get supplies to anticipate your needs after surgery, such as eye drops. Your doctor will have instructions for anything you may need and you can ask for specifics so you can have everything ready at home.

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