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5 Things You Should Know About LASIKin Boston, MA


While almost everyone has heard about LASIK, not everyone has the facts about the procedure. Even worse, some people have been misinformed about LASIK eye surgery.

The truth is, LASIK Boston is a common elective procedure with very few risks and the rewards are unmatched. Here are some facts that everyone should know about LASIK:

Most People Qualify for LASIK

Up to 98% of people who wear glasses or contacts are qualified to have LASIK surgery. There are a few restrictions — you must be 18 or older, in good health, and have a stable prescription. Your corneas must also have an adequate amount of tissue for the laser to sculpt during the procedure.

At the Nielsen Eye Center, patients receive a free LASIK evaluation that includes a thorough examination of your cornea and eye health. This ensures you are a candidate and reduces your risk of experiencing complications after surgery. If you don’t qualify for LASIK, an alternative laser vision correction procedure may be recommended by your doctor.

LASIK Has Been Around for a While and is Very Safe

Some people think of LASIK as a new and experimental procedure. In reality, the surgery has been around for over 25 years and has been FDA-approved for almost 20 years. There’s nothing experimental about LASIK. A good eye surgeon will know exactly what they’re doing and have the latest technology to make the process as safe and effective as possible.

The Surgery is Painless

The excimer laser used in LASIK is a “cold” laser that is designed to precisely sculpt corneal tissue. Even though the patient is awake for LASIK surgery, the eyes are completely numbed by anesthetic eye drops. These drops help make LASIK a painless procedure.

LASIK Recovery is a Breeze

Initial discomfort from LASIK usually only lasts a day or two at most. Restrictions on your activities will last about a month, but you can get back to your regular daily activities pretty quickly. Many patients are able to go back to work only a day or two after surgery.

LASIK Can Be Good for Your Career

A lot of celebrities have had LASIK. This isn’t just because LASIK is stylish or trendy — it’s a revolutionary procedure that can improve performance, boost confidence, and eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts.

Many professional athletes have had LASIK to improve their game — Tiger Woods had LASIK back in 1999, and many more are getting it done today. LASIK is also useful for actors so they can more easily adapt to roles and audition with confidence. Even if you just work in an office, LASIK can benefit your career by making your life easier and saving you time and money in the long run.

LASIK Boston, South Shore

Considering LASIK in Boston or the South Shore? Look no further! Schedule an appointment for a free LASIK consultation at one of our eye care clinics in Quincy, Norwell, Weymouth, or Norwood Massachusetts today!

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