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7 Ways To Have A Healthy LASIK Recoveryin Boston, MA


So you’re about to have LASIK surgery— congratulations! LASIK has given millions complete visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

With newer technology, LASIK is safer and more effective than ever. But after you have the surgery, you still need to take good care of your eyes so you heal well.

Wondering how to have the best recovery possible? Keep reading for 7 ways to take care of your eyes and have a healthy recovery from LASIK Boston!

1. Use Eye Drops as Directed

You will be given eye drops to take both before and after surgery. These eye drops are anti-inflammatory or antibacterial drugs that help prevent infection and discomfort.

It’s important to take any drops your doctor prescribes as often as they tell you. Even if your eyes feel fine, it is important not to skip any doses, and you should always finish the full course of treatment.

2. Wear Sunglasses When Outside

It’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses when it’s bright out, but it is even more important after LASIK! While recovering, your eyes will be more sensitive than normal to light.

Wearing polarized sunglasses protects your eyes from damaging UV rays. Your eyes will thank you!

3. Do Not Use Makeup and Throw Out Old Makeup

You may want to show off your eyes after LASIK, but you should avoid using eye makeup. To be on the safe side, refrain from putting on any makeup near your eyes for at least a week.

You can wear other makeup like foundation or concealer as long it’s not in or near your eyes. Another thing to remember is to throw out your old makeup after LASIK.

You may not realize it, but makeup like mascara can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your eyes are more susceptible to infection during the recovery period following LASIK, so it’s best to avoid using old cosmetics.

4. Avoid Getting Anything In Your Eyes

Speaking of bacteria, you should keep your eyes free of everything besides your eye drops. This includes dirt, dust, and even tap water.

When showering, keep the running water away from your face. Getting anything in your eye can lead to an infection or other complications.

5. Do Not Get in a Pool or Hot Tub

Did you know that chlorine is bad for your eyes? This holds true even when you aren’t recovering from surgery! When your eyes are healing from surgery, it can be dangerous to expose them to chemicals like chlorine.

Avoid getting in a pool or hot tub, even if you keep your head above the water, to avoid accidental exposure; wait at least two weeks before going in a pool or hot tub.

Looking to get rid of glasses for some poolside fun? Plan ahead for LASIK during the springtime to be ready for the pool in the summer.

6. Be Cautious with Sports

After LASIK, you should wait one week before participating in any contact sports. When you’re playing these sports, make sure you’re wearing protective eyewear.

Why? Your eyes are healing after LASIK, and the flap created during the procedure needs time to recover from the procedure. If you get hit in the head or face shortly after LASIK, you could damage this flap.

Avoid all contact sports for at least a month after surgery. This may seem like a while, but it’s worth not risking an injury that can harm your eyes!

7. NEVER Rub Your Eyes

Your eyes will itch or feel gritty for the first day after surgery. No matter what, do not rub them.

You can use preservative-free artificial tears for itching relief if they are approved by your eye doctor. But the best way to stop the itching and avoid complications is to not touch your eyes at all.

Haven’t gotten LASIK yet? Wondering if it’s right for you? Contact one of our Patient Advocates at the Nielsen Eye Center in Quincy, MA today to schedule a LASIK consultation with one of our specialists.

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