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The Nielsen Eye Center is Proud to Sponsor Touch-A-Truck 2018!

We are proud to be Sponsors of the 2018 Touch-A-Truck event and to support the BASE program’s work in Braintree, MA. Come join us for a day of family-friendly fun this Saturday, and keep an eye out for the Nielsen Eye Center!  

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LASIK and Dry Eye Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Dry eye patient applying eyedrops

If you have been reading up about LASIK surgery, you may have noticed commonly listed under “LASIK side effects” that eye dryness is almost always included. It’s true! After LASIK, most people will experience dry eyes, but it’s nothing to worry about. Here’s what you should know about why dry eye occurs after LASIK and […]

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Can I Get Cataracts Twice?

Cataract candidates running outside

Being diagnosed with cataracts can be a cause for concern. The thought of undergoing surgery to correct them can also be concerning. We get it, no one likes the thought of having eye surgery, no matter how clear their vision will be after. When considering cataract surgery, many people fear that their cataracts will grow […]

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5 Tips For Healthy Summer Eyes

Hat and sunglasses

With summer in full swing, it’s important to stay safe. Whether it be wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, using bug spray when out in the woods or, most importantly, seeking protection from the sun! Since summer is about enjoying the outdoors – fishing, barbecuing, going to the beach – keep the following five […]

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Allergies and Your Eyes

allergies example

With the arrival of the warm summer months comes the arrival of beautiful summer blooms, lush green grasses, and uncomfortable allergies. Take charge of your summer once again by learning how allergies affect your eyes, and how you can best treat your symptoms and gain relief. Symptoms Although allergies can be isolated in the eyes […]

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Healthy Vision

woman with healthy eyes

As a forward-thinking individual, you care about your overall health, and that includes the health of your eyes. On top of regular exercise and a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, you should be well informed on how to maintain your healthy vision and the potential vision problems you may face throughout your lifespan. As qualified eye care […]

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Why Vision Research Matters

beach chairs looking toward the ocean

Ah, summer!  Watermelon is in season, ice cream becomes its own food group, and the sun shines high and proud!   We spend our days soaking up its rays, happy to trade in our sweaters for swimwear.  However, those rays we have longed for all winter can quickly become our nemesis if we take its […]

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Don’t Forget Eye Protection at Work

man wearing eye protection using an angle grinder

The majority of jobs in the workplace rely on at least functional vision to get the job done.  However, working, while important, can also present some hazards to your vision. Depending on the line of work you’re in, there may be some procedures or even equipment in place that are crucial to protecting your vision. […]

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Important Info About Workplace Eye Wellness

Woman sitting at a computer

Your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body. You rely on them to navigate many daily activities that you take for granted in your life such as reading, driving cars, interacting with friends and family, watching movies or even playing video games. And for many people the eyes are absolutely critical […]

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Diabetic Retinopathy: Risk Factors and Treatment Options

diabetic retinopathy risk factors

By understanding more about their condition, patients with diabetic retinopathy can receive the ideal treatment and ensure treatment in a time-frame that can mitigate the worst of the condition’s symptoms. Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy. In this latest post, we will provide valuable insight on the risk factors, symptoms, and […]

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