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Get Your Golf Game in Swing with the Vivity IOLin Boston, MA

Do you have cataracts? One of the things that you need to do before you have cataract surgery is to pick out an intraocular lens, or IOL.

When you have cataract surgery, the natural lens gets taken out to remove the cataract. The cataract is on the natural lens. You’ll have the lens removed and replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens, or IOL. IOLs come in several varieties that you can choose from.

When choosing an IOL, it’s critical to factor in your lifestyle. Some IOLs are better if you lead a more active lifestyle.

One IOL that’s great for an active lifestyle is the Vivity IOL. If you want the best vision for playing any sport, especially golf, the Vivity lens is the way to go! Keep reading to discover how the Vivity IOL can help you get your golf game in swing!

Monofocal IOLs vs. Premium IOLs

When you have cataract surgery, only one kind of IOL provides coverage by insurance with the price of surgery. This is a monofocal lens, which is a standard intraocular lens.

Monofocal IOLs

Monofocal lenses in Boston are the most basic IOLs available. Their design will help you see either up close or far away. Choosing a monofocal lens will require you to use glasses for uncorrected distances.

Another less common option some patients choose with monofocal lenses is monovision. With monovision, you’ll have one lens put in your eye for seeing up close and another in the other for seeing far away.

Monovision will allow patients to achieve decent vision up close and at a distance. However, monovision only works for some patients and doesn’t offer the crispest vision or a considerable visual range.

Premium IOLs

Premium IOLs differ from monofocal lenses for several reasons. One reason is that they require an out-of-pocket expense.

They also provide patients with far better vision than they can achieve with a monofocal lens. Premium IOLs will correct presbyopia and offer clear vision at different distances, reducing and eliminating the need for reading glasses.

Some IOLs even reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses, providing patients with much-desired visual freedom. Vivity is one of the more advanced premium lenses, as it offers incredible vision at all distances and often eliminates the need for glasses entirely.

The Vivity Lens

The Vivity IOL is a multifocal lens. This means the lens divides into alternating sections that switch between two refractive powers. One is for seeing up close, and one is for seeing far away.

Choosing a multifocal lens trains your eyes to look through the right part of the lens, allowing you to achieve the best possible vision for what you’re looking at. But most multifocal lenses are diffractive.

Being diffractive means it breaks up the rings and alternates them without transitioning between the two refractive powers. This causes light to split over the surface of the lens, which in turn affects the quality of your vision.

But the Vivity IOL is an extended depth of focus non-diffractive IOL. This means that the transition between the different sections is gradual, smoothing out the lens so light bends around it rather than splitting.

The Vivity IOL’s design is possible thanks to X-Wave technology. X- Wave technology smooths the transition between the different sections of the lens.

This unique design allows Vivity IOL users to see a broader range of clear vision while experiencing fewer visual aberrations than other premium IOL users.

Benefits of Choosing the Vivity IOL

The Vivity IOLin Boston improves your vision dramatically. It can correct presbyopia and other refractive errors, allowing you to see at every distance.

The premium IOL in Boston reduces dependence on glasses and often eliminates the need for glasses. Many patients with the Vivity lens report no longer needing reading glasses or using them only on rare occasions.

The Vivity IOL allows you to see well up close and at a distance and well at a middle distance. This is because the gradual transition between the alternating sections of the lens includes a range of vision between up-close and far away.

Because of this, it’s ideal for viewing electronics like computer screens and phones. Whether using your computer for work or fun, these activities are much easier when you can see well without worrying about bothersome glare or halos.

But it’s also ideal for active patients as it allows you to see within a wide range without blurry vision zones. If you’re a golfer, the Vivity IOL is especially advantageous for enhancing visual clarity on the green.

Improve Your Game

The Vivity IOL can help improve your game no matter what sport you play. But golfers especially can get an edge from the many benefits of the Vivity lens.

One way that the premium lens gives you an advantage over other golfers is you can do away with relying on your visual aids, which can get in your way while you’re playing. It’s easier to wear visors and sunglasses without slipping your reading glasses on and off throughout the game!

But beyond the convenience of seeing without glasses, the Vivity IOL also helps you see better than you could when you wore glasses. Since the Vivity IOL allows you to see clearly at every distance, you can more easily see the flag when you’re teeing off and on the fairway.

You’ll also be able to see clearly when you’re on the putting green. It can be hard to putt when you can only see well up close or at a distance, as it requires clear vision at a middle distance.

Reduce and Minimize Visual Aberrations

It also minimizes visual aberrations like glare and halos that some premium IOL users experience in low light, so you can see better even when your game extends into the late afternoon or evening!

But with the Vivity lens, you’ll see well enough to make that precision putt and score under par with a birdie or even an eagle! Whether or not you’re a golfer, the Vivity IOL can help you see better in your daily life.

You can do everything you love on and off the green with clear vision. When you choose a premium IOL like the Vivity lens, you can look forward to better eyesight than you had even before you had cataracts!

To learn more about the Vivity IOL in Boston and our other premium IOL options, schedule an appointment at the Nielsen Eye Center in Boston, MA, today! There’s never been a better time to achieve the best vision of your life!

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