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Nielsen Eye Center and Heart of Oakin Boston, MA

Have you ever seen “Heart of Oak”? Here at Nielsen Eye Center in Boston, we’re big fans!

We had a great experience connecting with PJ, who says on his show that they “prioritize quality, not quantity and brand, and definitely not turning our final product out as quick and cheap as possible”.

We could not agree more!

We had the pleasure of performing LASIK eye surgery for PJ, and he is just as genuine in person as he is on camera!

When asked about his LASIK surgery, PJ said:

“For 22 years I struggled with contacts… The day I decided to get LASIK was a big day and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you Dr. Moreira of Nielsen Eye Center for giving me perfect vision with no contacts!”

Airing dates and times are as follows:

NBC Sports Boston, 12/11, 8:30am, NECN, 12/11, 9:00am
NBC Sports Boston, 12/12, 7:30am, NECN, 12/12, 11:30am

Make sure to tune in on NECN or Sports Boston and watch how the Nielsen Eye Center and the “Heart of Oak” are connected!

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