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How Does LASIK Surgery Work?in Boston, MA

At the Nielsen Eye Center, LASIK surgery is a popular procedure among our patients who need vision correction. In fact, about 10 percent of all our patients choose the procedure, and about 20 percent of our patients who wear glasses opt for LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery works by re-sculpting the cornea (the front part of the eye) so that the focal point of the eye is changed, helping to improve the clarity of your vision. Using two different lasers, our LASIK surgeons create a very thin flap on the eye and then remove a determined amount of tissue to reshape the cornea. The purpose of this tissue removal is to help refocus light to the back of the retina, ultimately enhancing your eyesight.

First access to the cornea is made with the IntraLase™ Laser, which is used to create the initial thin flap. The flap is then lifted, and the Wavelight® laser is employed to reshape the cornea. This method is known as the All-Laser LASIK procedure, and the entire surgery typically takes 15 minutes from beginning to end.

LASIK is very safe – with complications in the 1/1,000,000 category; infection and vision loss are very rare. Less than 1 percent of clinical studies have documented having vision-reducing complications, and there has never been a case of blindness in the USA. As a parent, I am so confident in the results of our LASIK technique that four out of my five children have already had the procedure.

Dr. Steven Nielsen

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