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LASIK: Fiction, Facts, and What You Need To Knowin Boston, MA

Laser vision correction procedures like LASIK are among the most popular elective procedures today. LASIK – the acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis – has proven itself time and again to be a reliable, safe, and effective method of permanent vision correction.

If you are considering LASIK, we welcome you to call our office at 877-373-2020 to set up your free consultation. Until then, let’s sort out the fiction, facts, and what you need to know about LASIK!

LASIK Myth: We don’t know enough about LASIK to say if it is safe


At the heart of most myths, you’ll find misinformation. This is certainly true when it comes to the safety of LASIK. Unlike some myths may want you to believe, LASIK is quite safe!

LASIK became FDA approved in the nineties. Since its FDA approval, the LASIK procedure has only continued to improve. Part of this is because of the research and innovation consistently taking place around the LASIK procedure.

LASIK, as it is now, is a better procedure than when it was when it first became FDA approved. After all, LASIK can now be a 100% bladeless procedure, if they have the new laser equipment.

Blade-free LASIK is extremely accurate and cuts down on the chance of complications and risks with LASIK.

In fact, the success rate (the rate of patients who achieve 20/20 vision or better) is 96%!

LASIK Myth: You can go blind if you get LASIK


Although there are risks associated with LASIK (as there are risks associated with any surgery), going blind is not one of them. During LASIK, refractive errors are corrected when your surgeon reshapes your cornea.

In no way could this lead to blindness. If a patient is not satisfied with their results, they can discuss a second procedure. LASIK has never made a patient go blind since it became FDA approved in 1996.

It’s important to note that only people who are determined to be qualified candidates can get the LASIK procedure. You must qualify as a candidate before you can undergo LASIK. This is determined at your free consultation.

This is part of why there are so few risks associated with the procedure – each patient is pre-qualified by their surgeon to determine if they are suitable for LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK Myth: LASIK is painful


For a procedure that involves your eyes, some people assume that LASIK would be painful. But it’s actually not! Before the procedure begins, all patients receive numbing eye drops that help to ensure that you will never feel any pain during LASIK.

At most, you may feel some slight pressure.

Anesthetic eye drops do wear off an hour or two after the procedure. At this point, you should try to get some rest and start your recovery off strong.

LASIK Myth: It takes too long to recover after getting LASIK


Sometimes myths get started like a game of telephone. With LASIK, there’s an incredibly short recovery period! Most patients are able to go back to work the next day or the day after.

This depends on the patient and how comfortable you are. You’ll be back to see your LASIK surgeon the next day for your first post-op checkup. This brief appointment is just to be sure the flap is healing properly and to make sure there are no infections.

You’ll need to go back for appointments to make sure your eyes are healing as they should after LASIK. You’ll also need to be more careful than normal with your eyes, at least for a few weeks. This includes no swimming, contact sports, or heavy lifting.

Now that you know the myths and the facts for LASIK, are you ready to put the myths about LASIK behind you? Find out if you’re a LASIK candidate by scheduling a LASIK consultation at the Nielsen Eye Center in Greater Boston! Call us for your free LASIK Consultation at 877-373-2020. Remember, if LASIK does not work for you, there are other options your surgeon can discuss with you.

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