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Patient Testimonials

While Dr. Nielsen’s and Dr. Moreira’s patients may come from all walks of life, they have one thing in common: consistently praising them for their excellent vision restoration results, as well as the compassionate care they received before, during and after their Vision Correction experience. As you consider your LASIK procedure with Dr. Nielsen and Dr. Moreira, rest assured you are in good company. Schedule your VIP consultation today at our Quincy, Weymouth, Norwell or Norwood offices!

Our Patient Testimonials:

Mark had LASIK last January and came in for a routine follow-up and had this to say about his vision:

LASIK Testimonial

“This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not dealing with glasses is a much nicer way to live. Dr. Moreira is so friendly and makes the surgery as comfortable and easy as possible. It’s fast and recovery was quick. Now I have 20/10 vision which is, I’m told, better than average. Everyone should do this!”

– Mark

LASIK Testimonial Loren Ownes

“Since age six I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses. I was the guy who couldn’t see the ‘Big E’ on the chart. Finally, I heard about PRK about 10 years ago. I immediately investigated only to be disappointed to learn that my vision was well beyond the possibility of correction through PRK. When LASIK was approved, I was ready in a heartbeat…and couldn’t be happier with the results. I see clearly, with no need for contacts or lenses and wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the procedure to all my friends and associates. For me, the entire process has been a dream come true.”

– Loren Owens

LASIK Testimonial Howie Carr

“Dear Dr. Nielsen:

Thank you for my new vision. I’m now 20-15 and can see better driving at night than I could before with my glasses. And the other day I was at the barber shop getting a haircut, and for the first time I was able to read the newspaper (before I could only scan the headlines without my glasses).

Thank you again, my new vision has been a great enhancement to my life.”

– Howie Carr

LASIK Testimonial Tony Simmons

“LASIK surgery has helped me greatly–both on and off the football field. It has given me an advantage of seeing the football more clearly and sharper than ever before. I never have to worry about contacts popping out, solutions or cleansers. Every morning I wake up and see the clock clearly. Thanks to Dr. Nielsen I see better than ever. My life has improved with my sight.”

– Tony Simmons

LASIK Testimonial David O'Leary

“Without my glasses, I was nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other and I had astigmatism. My vision improved from 20/300 to 20/30 just minutes after the procedure.”

– David O’Leary

LASIK Testimonial Craig Nielson

“Being an avid windsurfer, rock climber, mountain biker and general outdoorsman, I was interested in freeing myself up from contacts. There was certainly no one I would have trusted more than my brother, Steve Nielsen to perform the refractive surgery. He performed the surgery on a Friday morning in Boston and that night we all went out to dinner and a play in New York City. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life!”

– Craig Nielson

LASIK Testimonial Ken Casey

“Holy Crap I can see!! In and out, just like that. It’s so nice to actually see the faces of the people we are performing in front of, and I have The Nielsen Eye Center to thank for that.”

– Ken Casey

LASIK Testimonial Sandra C.

“I began having severe headaches accompanied with uncomfortable pressure in my eyes. I was diagnosed by Dr. Nielsen with Glaucoma and received a necessary laser treatment which corrected the problem. In 2014, I began having headaches again. Dr. Nielsen told me I needed cataracts surgery and recommended the all-laser enhanced to correct my vision so I would no longer need to wear my glasses. Dr. Nielsen’s team made me feel absolutely pampered, by attending to my needs and thoroughly explaining the procedures so that I would understand. As a hairdresser, I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that I no longer need my eyeglasses at work. I am so glad Dr.Nielsen cared enough about me to suggest these procedures. Thank you, Dr. Nielsen, you have made a world of difference!”

– Sandra C.

LASIK Testimonial Nancy Wluka

“Everyone at The Nielsen Eye Center is the nicest. The day of the surgery, I felt very anxious. The assistants and Dr. Nielsen made me feel relaxed and comfortable before they proceeded. The clamping of the eyes was tough but once the numbing drops set in, I was fine. The assistants and doctor would ask me how was doing often. Once the surgery was completed, the doctor sat me up. He sat next to me with his scrubs on and my pretty blue hat and said “Smile.” A picture was taken, I thought that was so great! You felt special. The next day I drove to my appointment all by myself, amazing!! Four weeks later, I am still amazed. The doctor and his staff are all wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Nielsen!”

– Nancy Wluka

LASIK Testimonial Stephanie Danger

“My experience with The Nielsen Eye Center was incredible. The staff, especially, I found to be extremely helpful and informative about the procedures. I felt like I was treated with the utmost respect. Dr. Nielsen himself was fantastic. If I had to do this again, I would not think twice about it, and I have already recommended The Nielsen Eye Center to so many people. On the days of my surgeries, the nurses, as well as other staff members, were all wonderful. What a world of change it has been literally since having this procedure. My vision continues to improve with time and I am very happy with my results.”

– Stephanie Danger

LASIK Testimonial Glenn Ordway

“Dear Dr. Nielsen, My wife, Sarah, and I would like to express our gratitude for changing our lives through the Lasik and CK laser eye surgeries! This letter is long overdue (only because without glasses, I’ve been out having the time of my life!). I have to admit; at first, I was very uncomfortable with the idea of eye surgery. While I thought it was an amazing concept, thinking about all the “what ifs” was nerve-wracking. You and your amazing staff made our experiences comfortable, informative, and literally, life-altering. Sarah underwent the LASIK procedure before me and was so impressed with your staff and your level of care and professionalism. Her experience was flawless. My experience followed suit. Moreover, we now have an incredible vision! Sarah and I continue to recommend your practice to anyone interested in the Lasik or CK procedures. And, thank you for your support of our charitable endeavors. We truly appreciate your kindness.”

– Glenn Ordway

LASIK Testimonial Mary Ellen Gleason

“Having this procedure to take away my need for reading glasses felt like the best cosmetic surgery I could have! I became dependent on my glasses, and at work, that’s how people knew me. This was not a look that I liked, or that I was even familiar with since I’ve had perfect vision all my life. When someone referred to me as “the woman with glasses” I knew they had to go. I absolutely never need them now, and occasionally I find an old pair and laugh at them. One small pleasure is picking up the mail and actually being able to see it before finding glasses. I also love shopping and being able to read prices without shuffling through my bag for glasses. I am thrilled- this has felt like a small miracle! Thank you, Dr. Nielsen!”

– Mary Ellen Gleason

LASIK Testimonial Katie Garrett

“I can’t explain how exciting it is to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock without fumbling around to find my glasses! I have worn glasses or contacts for 25 years, and my life is much simpler now without the hassle and expense associated with them. I am so happy with my 20/20 vision and with the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Nielsen and his entire staff. Thanks again.”

– Katie Garrett

“After 50 years, I can finally SEE!! This was a great experience. My vision is excellent, both near and far! I was fortunate enough to have selected the best of the eye care professionals. Thank you Dr. Nielsen and staff for the wonderful gift of sight.”

– John Milligan

LASIK Testimonial Mary Schrall

“I am a 64 year old woman and just had my cataracts removed. I chose the multi-focal lenses for replacement and am so glad I did. It is positively amazing that I now have the exact same eyesight that I had in my 20’s. Now I never need to wear glasses for reading. I had no patience with the reading glasses and trying to find them was always a chore. I remember one time looking for a half-hour for them, all the while they were on top of my head!!!!

Dr. Nielsen was very confident recommending the multi-focal lenses, a testament to his skill and expertise. My neighbor was talked out of it by her doctor and she very much regrets that she didn’t go with the multi-focal IOL as she still needs reading glasses. I am also very glad that I got cataracts in my early 60’s so that I can enjoy this experience for many years to come with God’s help.

Without a doubt it is the most rejuvenating thing to happen to me at this age — I feel like I have turned back the aging clock for now!”

– Mary Schrall

LASIK Testimonial Jean Gaudet

“I’ve worn glasses since the age 4. I remember being in Niagara Falls and holding onto my glasses so they would not fall off as I looked out on the scenery! At age 16 I got contacts and thought that was “freedom” from glasses. Now 25 years later I have real freedom!! I CAN SEE CLEARLY!!! I had moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism so I was very dependent upon my contacts and glasses. The Visian ICL implants are true freedom! I was evaluated for LASIK and similar procedures a few times but was told my corneas were too thin for the correction needed. I was extremely disappointed and gave up on the option of being “glasses/contact-free” until I heard about Visian ICL. What a world of difference! I see things in a whole new way! Everything looks crisper and brighter! The list of things I don’t have to do anymore is long, but the things I have the freedom to do now are endless!! I worried I would feel the lenses implanted like I had felt my contacts on top of the eye, but it’s been 6 months and never once have I felt any discomfort! I have even forgotten I wore contacts until I found an old bottle of unused solution the other day!! I am elated every day I wake up and can READ my alarm clock! I used to have to take the time to put the lenses in before I could do things in the mornings and now, I just don’t even think about it! I get up and GO! The entire office staff was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the procedure and what to expect. Dr. Nielsen is so patient, answering endless questions! I have and will continue to recommend the procedure to friends and family! This was one of the best things I have done for myself! Thank you to Dr. Nielsen and his entire staff!!!”

– Jean Gaudet

“One of the things that I found very comforting during the whole process was the fact that my doctor, Dr. Nielsen, and each of the technicians and nurses I spoke with had also had the surgery…and could speak from personal experience about going through the procedure itself, as well as the miraculous effects of it.”

– E.J. Gore

“I just wanted to thank you for the fine work you performed in correcting my vision with refractive surgery. The entire process was remarkably easy to go through, and I experienced NO discomfort. It is a joy to be free of glasses, and I can personally vouch for the dedication of both doctor and staff. My vision is important, as a dermatologist, and I am glad I trusted in you and your office for my ocular care.”

– Kenneth Reed, M.D.

“I am living proof that when you change your eyesight, you change your life.That’s what Dr. Nielsen did for me with the LASIK procedure. Now, I have the best quality of life I can have, including great eyesight.”

– Ann Duran

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…and the glasses are gone….and the contacts are gone too!”

– Doug Meehan

“It just opened up a whole new world to me”

– Judy