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When the natural lens is removed during cataract surgery, it must be replaced with an intraocular lens. There are two types of intraocular lenses, Single Focus, and Multi-Focus Lenses. Patients now have the opportunity to make an informed decision as to which lens and visual outcomes they want.

Single Focus Intraocular Lenses

A single-focus or monofocal intraocular lens is considered the traditional lens which has been used in cataract surgery for the last 40 years. This lens is one that corrects only distance vision and patients will need to wear reading glasses or bifocal/progressive glasses after surgery depending on their eyes’ prescription.

Multi-Focus Intraocular Lenses

As we age, the ability of our eyes to focus weakens, resulting in the need for bifocals and reading glasses. Multifocal Intraocular Lenses are FDA-approved lenses which give patients clear vision at many distances: near, intermediate, and far. Imagine the freedom of being free of glasses!

Multifocal lenses are implanted during cataract surgery to replace the natural lens. There are several options available when it comes to choosing a multifocal lens. Each has unique attributes that may or may not be of benefit to your vision correction goals. At the Nielsen Eye Center, we are happy to offer the latest technology in multifocal lenses for cataract surgery, providing you with the best quality vision.


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