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What If I Blink During LASIK Laser Vision Correction Surgery?in Boston, MA

The prospect of blinking or moving the eyes during LASIK or any other laser vision correction procedure is one of the most common concerns potential candidates have. Fortunately, the use of advanced technology and other precautions taken during treatment should alleviate these concerns.

Our laser eye surgeons at The Nielsen Eye Center offer a state-of-the-art LASIK technology called the ALLEGRETTO WAVE®. This unique laser is designed to emit incredibly accurate and precise pulses of laser energy – even if the eyes move during treatment. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® measures the eye’s location and aligns itself with the proper areas of the eye every four to six milliseconds. It double-checks that the eye is in the correct position just before the next pulse is delivered. This process provides an extra layer of security in case the eye moves. If it does, the laser will wait until the eye is back where it should be before emitting the pulse.

As far as blinking is concerned, numbing drops are administered before the treatment to enhance your comfort and to reduce the chances of eye movement during surgery. The eyelids are held open with a small medical device during the procedure to prevent blinking. Additionally, our team takes a number of steps to ensure you are in a comfortable position during treatment. Remember, LASIK is often a very quick treatment and multiple safeguards are in place to reduce the chances of complications.

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