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Boston’s Leading LASIK Surgery Provider

Kids & Teens (10 - 17)

Kids & Teens (10 - 17)

One in four children have a vision problem that interferes with learning (80% of learning is visual). Create good habits by bringing your children in for their yearly eye exams.

Young Adults (18 - 43)

Young Adults (18 - 43)

Between travel, sports, and continuing education, young adults have very active lifestyles. We recommend vision correction procedures such as LASIK and Visian ICLs to become independent of glasses and contacts

Middle Years (44 - 60)

Middle Years (44 - 60)

Most people in this age group will have the need for reading glasses for their phones, tablets, and computers. Vision correction procedures for this age group include LASIK and lens implants.

Adults (60 and over)

Adults 60+

At this life stage, most people will have cataracts. Our experienced surgeons bring you the most advanced technology with all-laser cataract surgery.


At Nielsen Eye Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced technology and the most experienced LASIK & cataract surgeons in the Boston area.

Steven Nielsen

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Steven Nielsen, MD

Dr. Steven A. Nielsen has performed more than 25,000 successful refractive (LASIK) procedures. The Nielsen Eye Center’s motto – “The Nielsen Advantage: The Doctor, The Technology, and The Service You Deserve” -is evident in all phases of his clinical practice. Dr. Nielsen maintains the highest standards for both himself and his staff members, and is dedicated to providing his patients with the best visual outcomes possible.

Helen Moreira

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Helen Moreira, MD

Dr. Helen Moreira is committed to providing a holistic approach to eye care. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan based on their lifestyle and visual needs. Her devotion to the field of ophthalmology is evident in her teaching of resident physicians at her alma mater of Brown University and her participation in the latest research. She is a skilled surgeon who has already performed thousands of successful LASIK and refractive cataract surgeries.

Xiang Q. Werdich

Medical Retina Specialist

Xiang Q. Werdich, MD, PHD

Dr. Xiang Q. Werdich is a medical retina specialist and comprehensive ophthalmologist at the Nielsen Eye Center. She provides comprehensive eye care with expertise in retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal inflammatory diseases and inherited retinal degenerations. She is a skilled surgeon who has performed thousands of intravitreal injections, retinal laser procedures, photodynamic therapies, and cataract surgeries.

Lily Ng

Certified Optometrist

Lily Ng, OD

Dr. Lily Ng is an optometrist dedicated not only to the patient’s ocular health but also to their visual needs. She also believes patient education is essential for proper management of the patient’s eye condition. Dr. Ng specializes in corneal disease and contact lens fittings for a variety of needs including: astigmatism, multifocals, post-trauma, post-surgical, and corneal ectasias.

Yen Linh Nguyen

Certified Optometrist

Yen Linh Nguyen, OD

Dr. Yen-Linh Nguyen is an optometrist dedicated to patients’ ocular health and visual needs. She believes good patient education is essential to eliminate many preventable complications, and to improve quality of life. Dr. Nguyen specializes in corneal disease and contact lens fittings for a variety of needs including: astigmatism, multifocals, post-trauma, post-surgical, and corneal ectasias.

Dr. Immerman, OD

Rodney L. Immerman

Low Vision Specialist

Rodney Immerman, OD, FAAO

Dr. Immerman is a low-vision specialist in the Greater Boston region. Dr. Immerman has designed low-vision devices for over 34 years, helping patients to improve their reading and distance vision. He is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry and a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.


Are You A LASIK Candidate?

The Nielsen Advantage: The Doctor, The Technology, and The Service You Deserve

Our Patient Advocates are ready to schedule you and guide you through the steps required to determine if you are a candidate. For a free consult, give us a call at 877-373-2020 and ask for a Patient Advocate.


Facebook Reviews

I was so nervous about the thought of undergoing a procedure on my eyes…after all we rely on our eyes every waking moment. Thankfully I was referred to the Nielsen eye center for LASIK. The friendly and gentle staff soothes my nerves and were available via phone and email for all the questions and concerns I had. I had the procedure itself about three weeks ago. It was quick and easy…almost as if I was going in for a routine eye exam. It was incredible and life changing to wake up the morning after with 20/20 and I undoubtedly will continue to go to the Nielsen eye center for my routine exams.I highly suggest the Nielsen eye center for any eye care but especially LASIK- get out and do it people! – Holly Reflek


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