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4 Reasons that LASIK in Boston is Worth Thinking About This Winterin Boston, MA

Are you considering LASIK but still on the fence? It can be a big decision to make.

However, if you’re thinking about having LASIK, now is a great time to get it. Why?

If you choose to get LASIK now, you can recover with plenty of time to get used to your extraordinary new vision before spring and summer activities begin. Another advantage of getting LASIK is that it’s an investment that will last a lifetime.

LASIK permanently alters your vision so you can see without the aid of contact lenses or glasses. But the winter is a perfect time to get LASIK surgery. Keep reading for 4 reasons why LASIK in Boston is worth thinking about this winter!

1.    Start the Year Off Right

As it’s still early in the year,  the chances are good that you haven’t given up on your new year’s resolutions yet. Having LASIK now will help you stay motivated to achieve all your goals for the year.

Why? Because having almost flawless vision helps you do everything better, both in your professional life and personal life.

Did you know that getting LASIK means you can have the best vision of your life? You may be able to see well when you wear glasses or contact lenses, but it’s nothing compared to the way you’ll see after LASIK.

There’s a reason why most people who undergo the vision correction procedure end up with 20/20 vision or better. LASIK also improves your depth perception, ability to perceive color, and even your reaction times.

LASIK is also a smart financial decision, setting you up for success the rest of the year. Though undergoing an elective procedure may seem like it wouldn’t fit your budget, this is far from the case.

At Nielsen Eye Center, we’re committed to offering our patients plenty of ways to make paying for LASIK affordable, including extended payment plans with zero-interest and flexible rates, financing options, and the ability to use Flex Spending if you have an FSA. There’s no reason why attaining the vision you’ve always wanted shouldn’t be possible because of price.

Most people that use financing options to pay for LASIK pay off their procedure in as little as two years. After that, you own your vision, and you can start saving money.

If you like to file your taxes early, you can always put your tax refund towards paying for LASIK. No matter how you pay for it, though, LASIK will save you money in the long run by eliminating the cost of glasses and contacts.

By the end of the year, that’ll add up. After a few years, LASIK will even start paying for itself! What could you do with extra money in your pocket every year? It’s possible when you’re no longer purchasing glasses, contact lenses, and their accessories.

2.    Have an Excuse to Stay Inside

February is often one of the coldest months of the year in Boston. Most people are sick of the weather and ready for spring by this time.

Before spring rolls around, you can already have your LASIK and recovery over and done. There’s no better excuse to stay inside where it’s warm and be a couch potato than recovering for a day or two after having LASIK!

The best part? Recovery from LASIK is pretty fast. Most people go to work the next day.

You only need to take special precautions to protect your eyes for the first few weeks, like staying away from bodies of water, not wearing eye makeup and avoiding strenuous activities. But you don’t have to rush it going back to work if you don’t want to.

Why not take a few days off to stay inside, rest, relax, and recharge your batteries before going back to work? You have no reason to feel guilty about staying inside for a few extra days when it’s dreary and gray outside!

3.    Be Prepared for Allergy Season

Another reason to get LASIK before spring is so you can be ready for allergy season. You may be thinking that you don’t want your allergies getting in the way of your recovery, but there’s more to it.

Having LASIK can help you with your allergies by alleviating seasonal discomfort. How?

It gives you relief from wearing contact lenses during allergy season. If you wear contact lenses and have seasonal allergies, you’re making your allergies worse.

Pollen can get stuck to the lenses, causing irritation and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms. You also have to touch your eyes to put your contacts and take them out.

Touching them, especially during allergy season, may inadvertently result in getting pollen in your eyes. This constant cycle is hard to get out of for those who wear contact lenses daily.

What can you do short of not wearing contact lenses during allergy season? You don’t have to worry about wearing glasses when you get LASIK.

Instead, you can see clearly without the need for any visual aids. If you have LASIK surgery, you can be healed up and ready for your first allergy season free from contacts or glasses.

4.    Have Your Best Vision in Time for Summer

It only takes a few weeks for your eyes to feel normal again after getting LASIK surgery. But technically speaking, it takes a few months to heal fully.

During that time, your vision will continue to improve. While you’ll see immediate improvement right after the vision correction procedure, you’ll achieve your best vision once your eyes finish healing.

If you’re someone who loves to play sports, travel or likes getting out more in the summer, then now is the time to get LASIK so you can have your best vision when summer rolls around. Not only is it easier to do almost every summer activity without contacts or glasses, but you can also truly appreciate the beauty of your scenery for the first time.

You don’t have to travel to see new sights, because you’ll be able to take in your favorite spots with a whole new view.

LASIK surgery can change your life for the better, so why wait? Schedule a LASIK consultation at the Nielsen Eye Center in Boston, MA, today!

We have Patient Advocates waiting by the phone to answer any questions you may have about LASIK and how the procedure works. Call us now at 617-471-5665!

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