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5 Tips for Better Eye Care this Spring

After a long winter, the warmer weather of spring can be exciting. But spring also comes with its drawbacks. While it’s lovely to see trees and flowers in bloom, you may find that pollen in the air irritates your eyes and causes you discomfort. The days are also sunnier, meaning you’re spending more time outdoors. […]

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Is Having Dry Eyes Permanent?

Do you experience dry, itchy, or irritated eyes? These are some of the symptoms that come with having dry eyes. Dry eyes are common and can cause a great deal of discomfort. In addition to your eyes feeling dry, itchy, or irritated, they may also feel inflamed, gritty, and like they’re burning. They may also […]

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Will Intacs Work If I Have Keratoconus?

Do you or someone you love have keratoconus? Keratoconus is an eye condition that occurs when the cornea thins out and begins to bulge outward. As a result of this, patients with keratoconus often have eyesight that worsens with time. Some patients may even find that traditional contact lenses and glasses can no longer fully […]

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6 Questions To Ask Your Eye Doctor At Your Next Eye Exam

Eye exams are routine, or at least they should be! Whether you have a routine eye exam or you have an issue with your eyes you want to have looked at, it’s good to know what you should ask your eye doctor during your eye exam. Your eye care professional can give you a lot […]

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5 Things That May Make Your Eyes Feel Drier This Winter

Woman wearing winter hat and gloves

The winter months can be a stressful time between the chaos of the holidays and the cold weather. Something that can make the winter extra stressful is having dry eyes. These are both annoying and uncomfortable. When your eyes aren’t receiving adequate moisture, it can cause them to feel gritty, irritated, and even like they’re burning. […]

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6 Helpful Tips For Healthy Aging Month

Older woman on couch

September is Healthy Aging Month. There are several ways that you can improve your own health, regardless of your age. Graceful aging is much easier when you have good health habits throughout your life. Your eye health can also be harmed by bad habits. This can put you at higher risk for conditions like glaucoma […]

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What is a Corneal Abrasion?

Irritated Eye

Like any part of your body, your eyes are sometimes subject to injury. Even a minor injury can result in a corneal abrasion, which occurs when the surface of the eye becomes scratched. A corneal abrasion is often superficial. It can sometimes cause infection or inflammation under the surface of the eye, which can be […]

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5 Tips For Avoiding Dry Eye This Summer

Young woman rubbing her eye

Summer is a great time to spend your days outdoors getting some sun. But for some people, the warm, sunny weather can cause dry eye syndrome. Dry eye is an uncomfortable condition caused by inadequate tear production. It can leave your eyes feeling inflamed, sore, and gritty. Some people are more predisposed to dry eye […]

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When Is A Cornea Transplant Necessary?

Older woman sitting inside on a yellow chair

The outer eye is made up of a clear tissue called the cornea. Your cornea is what light refracts through before it’s translated by the eye and brain into images you can see. When your cornea becomes damaged, it can affect your ability to see. The good news is that if your cornea becomes damaged, […]

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Why Is Telemedicine Important?

Woman on a couch looking a tablet

With much of the country in lockdown, many of us are restricted to only leaving the home for essential services. Doctor’s appointments are one of the most essential services available. Having offices crowded with patients may do more harm than good when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Luckily, there’s an alternative for […]

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