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Is It Dry Eye Or Allergies?

Most people have had itchy, watery eyes at some point in their lives. Oftentimes, the culprit is allergic conjunctivitis - this condition is characterized by eye inflammation that occurs as a reaction to allergens, such as pollen or mold spores. Allergic conjunctivitis is very common and can be especially prevalent in the springtime when there [...]

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Is It Dry Eye Or Allergies?

Itchy, irritated eyes are the worst. But sometimes not knowing what’s causing the irritation is even worse. Many people suffer from allergies, especially from tree pollen and environmental changes in the spring. Many people also suffer from dry eye, a condition that occurs when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears. Since these two conditions are [...]

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Children’s Eye Care Month

Happy August and happy Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! With the summer coming to a fast close and the stores beginning to fill with new notebooks, pens and pencils, it’s important to get your children ready for the school year in all aspects, including their eye health and eye safety. According to the American [...]

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5 Tips For Healthy Summer Eyes

With summer in full swing, it’s important to stay safe. Whether it be wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, using bug spray when out in the woods or, most importantly, seeking protection from the sun! Since summer is about enjoying the outdoors - fishing, barbecuing, going to the beach - keep the following five [...]

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Allergies and Your Eyes

With the arrival of the warm summer months comes the arrival of beautiful summer blooms, lush green grasses, and uncomfortable allergies. Take charge of your summer once again by learning how allergies affect your eyes, and how you can best treat your symptoms and gain relief. Symptoms Although allergies can be isolated in the eyes [...]

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Healthy Vision

As a forward-thinking individual, you care about your overall health, and that includes the health of your eyes. On top of regular exercise and a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, you should be well informed on how to maintain your healthy vision and the potential vision problems you may face throughout your lifespan. As qualified eye care [...]

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Your Eyes and Athletics: Tips for Protecting Your Vision

With summer in full swing, a pick up game of baseball or volleyball can be found in cities and towns across the country. Sports enable us to maintain good fitness, develop new skills, relieve stress, and actively participate in our communities. However, as it is with anything, there is a downside to participating in athletics. [...]

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Don’t Forget Eye Protection at Work

The majority of jobs in the workplace rely on at least functional vision to get the job done.  However, working, while important, can also present some hazards to your vision. Depending on the line of work you’re in, there may be some procedures or even equipment in place that are crucial to protecting your vision. [...]

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