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Allergies and Your Eyes

With the arrival of the warm summer months comes the arrival of beautiful summer blooms, lush green grasses, and uncomfortable allergies. Take charge of your summer once again by learning how allergies affect your eyes, and how you can best treat your symptoms and gain relief. Symptoms Although allergies can be isolated in the eyes [...]

Allergies and Your Eyes2017-07-01T16:29:06+00:00

Healthy Vision

As a forward-thinking individual, you care about your overall health, and that includes the health of your eyes. On top of regular exercise and a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, you should be well informed on how to maintain your healthy vision and the potential vision problems you may face throughout your lifespan. As qualified eye care [...]

Healthy Vision2017-06-30T15:04:49+00:00

Your Eyes and Athletics: Tips for Protecting Your Vision

With summer in full swing, a pick up game of baseball or volleyball can be found in cities and towns across the country. Sports enable us to maintain good fitness, develop new skills, relieve stress, and actively participate in our communities. However, as it is with anything, there is a downside to participating in athletics. [...]

Your Eyes and Athletics: Tips for Protecting Your Vision2017-06-28T01:28:15+00:00

Don’t Forget Eye Protection at Work

The majority of jobs in the workplace rely on at least functional vision to get the job done.  However, working, while important, can also present some hazards to your vision. Depending on the line of work you’re in, there may be some procedures or even equipment in place that are crucial to protecting your vision. [...]

Don’t Forget Eye Protection at Work2017-04-22T18:46:47+00:00

Important Info About Workplace Eye Wellness

Your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body. You rely on them to navigate many daily activities that you take for granted in your life such as reading, driving cars, interacting with friends and family, watching movies or even playing video games. And for many people the eyes are absolutely critical [...]

Important Info About Workplace Eye Wellness2017-04-22T19:21:36+00:00

5 Tips for Preventing Computer Eye Strain

Whether you use a computer for work, email, playing games, or simply browsing the Web, computer eye strain can happen to you. Commonly caused by focusing on the screen for an extended period of time, the symptoms of this widespread condition can range from eye twitching and blurred vision to physical fatigue and a noticeable [...]

5 Tips for Preventing Computer Eye Strain2018-07-06T16:27:13+00:00

Reducing the Risk of Computer Vision Syndrome in Children

In today’s digital age, computer use is prevalent among children. Whether at school, at home or somewhere on-the-go, kids are staring at a screen or hand-held device of sorts for extended periods of time each and every day. As a result, a child’s eyes are forced to focus and strain more than normal. Because their [...]

Reducing the Risk of Computer Vision Syndrome in Children2017-07-01T21:49:32+00:00

Ortho K Lenses for Non-Surgical Vision Correction

Dr. Douglas Haigh and his colleagues at The Nielsen Eye Center now provide Ortho K lenses as a non-surgical vision correction treatment. Dr. Haigh says Ortho K can often help patients suffering from nearsightedness experience less dependence on corrective eyewear without the need for surgical procedures such as LASIK. Boston, MA -- Dr. Douglas Haigh, [...]

Ortho K Lenses for Non-Surgical Vision Correction2017-07-08T16:16:45+00:00

Non-Surgical Vision Treatment Options

Dr. Douglas Haigh and our team of Boston eye doctors here at the Nielsen Eye Center are now offering Ortho K lenses to patients who need vision correction but are looking for alternatives to eyeglasses, contact lenses, or LASIK eye surgery as treatment options. Ortho K lenses are similar to soft contact lenses, but patients [...]

Non-Surgical Vision Treatment Options2017-07-20T14:31:50+00:00
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