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Is LASIK Permanent?in Boston, MA


Is LASIK permanent? One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about LASIK is whether the procedure will yield permanent results. Since every patient’s eyes are unique, it is difficult to give a concrete answer as to how long the results will last in individual cases; however, in general terms, most patients experience a decades-long improvement in vision after LASIK surgery. Some patients will have a certain level of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism return years after the initial LASIK treatment because of natural changes in the eye’s lens. A LASIK enhancement procedure can often correct these issues. For many patients, these changes over the years are so slight that an enhancement is not necessary.

Keep in mind: LASIK is designed to significantly reduce the need for glasses and contacts. For many patients, their dependence on corrective eyewear can even be completely eliminated; however, some individuals still prefer to wear prescription eyeglasses for driving at night or an over-the-counter pair while reading small print. Differences in the average longevity of results from LASIK surgery have been found based on the gender of the patient and his or her age at the time of the initial treatment. While the length of results will vary from patient to patient, the thing to remember is that LASIK is designed to provide patients with long-term results and has proven to deliver benefits for decades after surgery.

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