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Patient Ambassadors

Deciding to have Eye Surgery is a big decision. Committing to surgery can be hard and choosing the right surgeon can be even harder. At the Nielsen Eye Center, we are proud of the work we do and even prouder of our growing family of satisfied patients. As one of those patients, we believe you can help others as they consider their treatment options.

Check out the links below to read or watch the stories of our Patient Ambassadors. Learn more about the benefits of our Patient Ambassador Program here!

Many individuals simply tire of dealing with the hassle of glasses and contact lenses, ultimately considering LASIK laser vision correction to help them see without the need for corrective eyewear. Watch recent patients share their experience with LASIK laser vision correction surgery at the Nielsen Eye Center.

For many, one of the telltale signs of aging is vision loss and cataracts are often the culprit. Cataract surgery should be considered when cataracts cause enough loss of vision to interfere with daily activities. Listen to the experiences of a few of the recent patients who had cataract surgery at the Nielsen Eye Center.

The Nielsen Eye Center offers comprehensive eye care and the latest technological advancements in diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye. To learn more about our practice, listen to the stories of patients who have received vision care treatments from our exceptional surgeons and ophthalmologists.