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300 Congress Street Suite 201
Quincy, MA 02169-0907

5 stars 5
Excellent and professional as always

5 stars 5
It was pleasant and thorough. Dr. Moreira always answers any questions I have, giving me confidence in her knowledge and professionalism.

5 stars 5
The consultation was really informative and staff was nice.

5 stars 5
Very fast, friendly and professional service. The staff were very knowledgeable and informative. Definitely recommend Nielsen Eye in Norwell.

5 stars 5
Of course I would recommend Dr. Helen Moreira to my family and freinds! It is a busy practice because it is a world class practice. People come of all over the state to be patients. You will get the best care possible in every way shape or form. They go far and beyond to do so. From the moment you walk in everyone makes sure you are well taken care from the front desk to having test with multiple machines that will help them see what needs to be done to help their patients.I am afraid I was scared and that I would not be able to see out of my right eye and would only be able to see with a large magnifying glass. When given the eye test itself it was blurry and there seemed to be a film over everything I looked at. I cannot see or read well. One would think that would be the special lense I have in my left eye but that is perfect. Thank God for her. She looked saw I had a stroke in my eye. Referred me to another doctor. Hope the laser will help. Sorry I was scarred or acted that way.