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4 Activities That Are Better After LASIK

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Most people who wear glasses or contacts are used to the daily routine, but that still doesn’t make the various inconveniences of assisted vision any better. Having to rely on glasses or contacts to be able to see is restricting. If you lose, break, or misplace your glasses, there goes your vision! Contacts aren’t much […]

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Can I Wear Makeup With Dry Eye?

Woman putting on eye makeup

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, or irritated eyes? Are you concerned every time you put on mascara that your dry eye will make it run? If you have dry eye syndrome, makeup can make things a little more complicated. The good news is you can wear makeup even if you have dry eyes. Keep […]

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4 Reasons To Get LASIK Before Summer

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A lot of people consider getting LASIK but never find the right time to do it. They put it off year after year and may never end up actually having it done. If you qualify for LASIK, the sooner you have LASIK surgery, the longer you will enjoy the benefits. You might say that the […]

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Standard IOLs vs. Premium IOLs

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If your doctor has recommended cataract surgery, you may already be familiar with options for IOLs. Cataract surgery removes the lens in your eye that has become cloudy. The lens is an important part of being able to see. During cataract surgery, your cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial lens. This artificial lens is […]

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What Happens During Cataract Surgery?

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Cataract surgery is one of the most common medical procedures performed. The operation has been around for many years and has evolved thanks to modern technology and ongoing research. Though the technology has evolved, the basic principles of the procedure have remained the same. Although we ask that patients arrive about an hour before their […]

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