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Why Is Telemedicine Important?in Boston, MA

With much of the country in lockdown, many of us are restricted to only leaving the home for essential services. Doctor’s appointments are one of the most essential services available.

Having offices crowded with patients may do more harm than good when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Luckily, there’s an alternative for in-person appointments called telemedicine.

Thanks to telemedicine and telehealth appointments, patients can get the care they need without risking exposure. Keep reading to learn more about why telemedicine is important!


Telehealth is something that’s been available, but never the way it is now. For some patients, it’s always been safer to see a doctor remotely.

This could be due to a compromised immune system or a lack of reliable transportation. Until now, these patients have not always been able to get access to telehealth. This could have been because of insurance issues or not having a telehealth option with their doctor.

But now that most people are social distancing, more practices have moved their appointments online. More importantly, many insurance companies have been able to cover these appointments.

Doctors of all specializations have been able to offer virtual appointments, including ophthalmologists. The Nielsen Eye Center is proud to offer our patients virtual telehealth appointments. We have set up a system to see patients remotely to help with the current pandemic.

Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

Allowing our patients to see our eye care professionals without coming to our offices in person lowers the risk of spreading infection. While we keep our staff and community safe, we are also committed to providing needed medical services from a safe distance.

Many of our services can be provided through video appointments, including emergency consultations.

Easing the Burden on Emergency Rooms

Not only are we offering services to our existing patients, but we’re also extending them to new patients. We are hoping this will encourage patients seeking emergency treatment to first consult with one of our doctors.

Many people who visit the emergency room don’t actually need emergency treatment. Rather, they need to know if they need treatment at all.

Often, a trip to the emergency room is the only option available. When it comes to your eye health, you should always address any alarming symptoms.

But with the pandemic, you should avoid going to the hospital unless you need immediate treatment. That’s one of the reasons we’re offering a way to determine what kind of treatment, if any, you need without needing to leave your home.

This lowers your personal risk that comes from visiting an emergency room and lessens the burden on hospitals. They are already incredibly overwhelmed by the current pandemic.

If you need to see an eye care specialist, whether it’s for a routine checkup or an emergency consultation, call Nielsen Eye Center at 617-471-5665 and leave a message. We will return your call to set up a telehealth appointment. We hope that you stay safe and healthy and that we can see you again soon!

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