Laser Cataract Surgery

LenSx Laser

The Nielsen Eye Center is proud to offer our patients the most up to date technology in laser cataract surgery! This option allows each patient the opportunity for a customized cataract surgical procedure. Everyone’s eyes are different; the size, depth, and curvature of the cornea vary significantly in each person. This laser technology enables our doctors to capture precise, high-resolution images of the eye, along with incredibly accurate measurements and data. This information is then used to plan a surgery customized for that particular patient.

How LenSx® Laser Cataract Removal Works

The LenSx® Laser provides real-time, three-dimensional visualization of the eye during cataract surgery which allows the surgeon to precisely plan and customize each surgical step. This advanced visualization of the eye allows the laser to create all surgical incisions based on your eye measurements without the use of blades or scalpels.

Astigmatism is also corrected using the LenSx® laser which enables the surgeon to provide patients with the best quality vision after cataract surgery. Some patients are even able to rid themselves of glasses using the LenSx® laser and other technologies we have available such as multifocal, extended depth of focus and toric intraocular lenses.

In addition to increased precision and delivering the highest quality vision, the LenSx® laser also breaks the cataract up into small, soft pieces. This allows the surgeon to use less energy in the eye when removing the cataract. This, in turn, allows for faster recovery of vision, resulting in less inflammation and swelling in the eye after surgery.

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