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Is LASIK Surgery Right for Me?in Boston, MA

Though many people have been told in the past that they are not candidates for LASIK surgery, recent developments in technology now allow most patients to receive some form of LASIK. Prospective LASIK patients at the Nielsen Eye Center typically want to know the risks of the procedure and whether or not they are ideal candidates. We use one-on-one consultations to educate each patient, ensure all questions are answered, and incorporate a full eye exam to make certain he or she is a good candidate for the surgery.

Even patients who have had other eye procedures performed, such as cataract surgery, can opt for LASIK as long as there are no other risk factors. LASIK can be used to enhance the Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) that are implanted during cataract surgery. For example, if a patient did not achieve perfect vision with the IOL, LASIK could be performed to further improve their eyesight and achieve 20/20 vision. Since the procedure is performed on the surface of the cornea, no damage would be done to the implanted lens.

The restrictions after LASIK surgery are very minimal, and most patients are driving the very next day. After the procedure, the most important thing to do to promote fast healing is to sleep. We will provide eye drops that aid in the healing process, but we recommend no swimming, working out, engaging in contact sports, or using a hot tub for about one week while using the prescribed eye drops.

Ultimately, LASIK surgery can be seriously considered for patients who wear glasses and/or contacts.

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