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LASIK and Pregnancy: Is it Safe?in Boston, MA

If you are hoping to get LASIK and get pregnant, you may be wondering if the two go together. Can pregnant women safely have LASIK, or could the procedure hurt the baby somehow?

LASIK surgery itself isn’t harmful to pregnant women and it won’t hurt your baby. With that being said, most doctors do recommend that you wait two to six months after your baby’s birth to have LASIK. But why?

Let’s look at what is involved in LASIK surgery and why LASIK and pregnancy may not go hand in hand.

Understanding LASIK and Pregnancy

When you undergo LASIK surgery, the laser reshapes your cornea. This is what changes your prescription and allows you to see more clearly.

During surgery, your eye doctor creates a small flap on your cornea. The laser reshapes the inside of your cornea, then the doctor replaces the flap and your surgery is complete.

Because the shape of your cornea is so important, you want to have the surgery when your vision is stable. This is not possible during pregnancy; common pregnancy hormones actually cause fluctuations in your vision!

Common LASIK side effects may become more exaggerated with pregnancy. And, while the surgery itself doesn’t affect anything but your eyes, the medication used during and after LASIK may not be safe for unborn babies.

Additional Things to Consider

It’s a good idea to wait two to six months after the birth of your baby before having LASIK. Not waiting could cause your vision to change, which potentially could mean that you would need to have an additional follow-up surgery.

Keep in mind that if you choose to breastfeed your baby, your body will still produce hormones that can affect your vision. Plus, any medications your doctor gives you may enter your breastmilk.

If you want to achieve the best results from LASIK, you should wait until your body has fully recovered from pregnancy and nursing. If you have any other questions about LASIK or your overall eye health, call the Nielsen Eye Center at 877-373-2020 to speak with a patient advocate. Our staff will help you to set up your free LASIK evaluation at one of our greater Boston area offices.

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