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Is LASIK Painful?in Boston, MA


It’s natural to be somewhat concerned about the potential for pain and discomfort before any kind of surgical procedure, even LASIK vision correction surgery. However, there are several steps that are taken by our experienced LASIK surgeons, Dr. Steven A. Nielsen and Dr. Helen Moreira, to ensure a virtually painless treatment experience at the Nielsen Eye Center.

Remember, our standard method of LASIK treatment is an all-laser technique, which does not involve a surgical blade. First, your eyes will be thoroughly numbed with anesthetic drops prior to treatment. You may feel a slight amount of pressure during treatment, but it is typically not painful and the sensation usually lasts only a matter of seconds. The entire LASIK procedure is often very quick, and there are no stitches required once the corneal flap is placed back into its proper position.

After the LASIK procedure, some patients may temporarily experience mild irritation or a scratchy, burning sensation in their eyes; however, over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol® is often enough to alleviate these effects and prevent discomfort. Our ophthalmologists will go over every aspect of LASIK vision correction with you in detail during your initial consultation and explain what you can expect from LASIK eye surgery.

Read what our patients have to say about their LASIK experience at the Nielsen Eye Center! We have convenient locations throughout the Greater Boston region, including Quincy, Weymouth, and Norwell, MA.

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